• 10-Day Quarantine/Flea Check/Dietary Evaluation
  • Heartworm Test/Begin Preventive
  • 1st 6-way Vaccination
  • Spay/Neuter (puppies at 8 weeks)
  • Microchip (AVID)
  • Rabies Vaccination (1 or 3 year)
  • 2nd 6-way Vaccination (up to 4 vaccinations for puppies)
  • Pre-adoption bath/nail trim/ear cleaning


    Family Profile
  • Reference & Background Check
  • Home Interview with Entire Family
  • No adoption to "Outside Dogs" on chains
  • No adoption where unjustified high turnover of pets

    Pet Adoption Agreement
  • Dietary & Care Conference
  • Verify Chip#
  • Post-Adoption Call-Backs/Visit


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    Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs
    Every time a completed application for a ShelterCare program is generated through our shelter’s website,we automatically receive a $25 donation to help cover common needs like blankets,litter and food.This donation is of no cost to you and provides us with essential funds.

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